Thursday, 9 January 2014

A Question of Carbs!

It can be hard to avoid the temptation and convenience of processed and fast food. Many people this time of year start 'diets' and food restriction. Most people tend to cut out carbs in order to lose weight which can leave you feeling hungry and tired. It has been drilled into people who are trying to loose weight that carbs are the enemy! By cutting out carbs totally you are more likely to fail in your pursuit of weight loss because you feel hungry all the time and are more likely to binge on food later in the day to get rid of this feeling. You also end up cutting out essential fiber that your body needs to function.

To start the day some fruit and a yogurt just wont cut it! I'd be hungry again in another 20mins if that was all I ate for breakfast! You need something more to kick start the metabolism and get you ready for the day. Not everyone may like this but the best thing to  have is oats - i.e porridge! You can add things to it to make it more interesting. Try adding some blueberries or some coconut oil ;) Delicious! It can help to lower cholesterol and has cardiovascular benefits.

We are in Ireland so the staple food here is potatoes haha Just because we've all grown up with it doesn't mean we can't break the habit. Potatoes are full of starch and once this starch hits the mouth it starts to break down and is turned into sugar by the enzymes. The question is what to replace this with! For my main meal I use sweet potato or brown rice to fill the void of not having potatoes. Brown rice is full of fiber and can help to lower cholesterol while sweet potato has antioxidant nutrients and anti-inflammatory benefits. I'm not saying never eat potatoes again but just limit the amount you have and don't eat them everyday. 

Give it a go :) 

Catherine xx



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