Saturday, 4 January 2014

Going Up A Gear For 2014 - Who's With Me?

Hope everyone has had a great start to the year :) 

My 2013 fitness and weight loss progress went pretty well! I think I started taking it seriously once I hit the summer hols and all distractions of college and the social life that comes with it were eliminated. I don't tend to step on the scales too often but I'v lost approx 3 stone since the start of summer 2013 :) I achieved this by working out at home with plans designed around using a set of 20kg dumbbells and I also tried to eat more healthily in addition to this.

For 2014 I'm going up a gear and joined a gym so I will have access to heavier weights and more equipment. I joined a local leisure center here in Clonmel and have had a health assessment and I also asked one of the trainers to show me how to use all the machines that are in the weights area. If you don't know how to use the machines don't be afraid to ask one of the trainers! That's what they are there for :) I'v already been a few times since I joined and am definitely feeling the benefits already! Sore is the new Sexy :P 

I obviously had to get some new gym gear to go with my new gym membership ;) Thanking you January sales :D If you look the part, you'll feel the part :) It might seem stupid seen as your going into a place to sweat like a pig but it seriously boosts my confidence and makes me less likely to care if I see someone looking at what I'm doing.

Here are the progress pics from 2013. Some people don't even recognize me anymore but I'm OK with that!


If anyone is interested in getting a fitness programme designed for the gym I know a guy ;) Feel free to get in touch and I will pass on his info :) 

Good luck to everyone with any goals you hope to achieve in the new year whether fitness related or other! 

Catherine xx 



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