Friday, 16 May 2014

Build a Booty

My idea of the perfect figure is a nice toned waist and a round firm booty ;) There are a number of exercises you can do that can help you achieve the perfect butt. For some exercises there is a number of variations meaning you can perform them with or without gym equipment so there is no excuse! ;) 

1. The number one exercise has to be the squat. To perform the basic squat stand with feet about shoulders width apart and lean back as if you were about to sit in a chair. The lower you go the more you work those glutes :) 

If you want to up the intensity try the jumping squat. Perform the same movement but incorporate a jump into the exercise when you are coming back up.

If you have access to the gym or gym equipment you can add extra weight to the squat by using a barbell or dumbbells. 

2. Lunges are another staple in my glute workouts. You can perform these a number of different ways. Static lunges are performed on the spot. You want to make the step you take wide enough so that the leg you step forward with is at a right angle. Make sure your lunges are deep meaning your knee touches the ground slightly and then drive back up into the starting position.

To change it up you can switch to walking lunges and use dumbbells in each hand or a barbell in order to increase the burn :) 

3. The kickback will also target the glutes and comes with a number of variations to keep your workouts more interesting. You can perform it as just a bodyweight movement where you get on all fours and do sets on each leg where you literally kick your leg back and then bring it into the starting position and repeat. 

If you have access to the gym you can perform this exercise using the cable machine and the smith machine:) 

4. Hip raises will help to shape that booty ;) You can perform these simply by lying on the ground and raising your hips up and squeezing the glutes.

You can also use a bench to perform this movement. You will need a sturdy bench for this exercise. Sit on the floor with your back to the bench and push your back up onto the bench and really squeeze those glutes! You can add in the use of a barbell to up the intensity of the move.

5. Another exercise that will really hit the glutes is the stiff leg deadlift. You'll need a barbell for this movement. Hold the barbell and to perform the movement bend over from the waist so that your body is parallel to the ground then bring yourself back up into the starting position. Keep adding weight to the barbell in order to increase the burn!

6. The cable pull-through is another favourite of mine. You will need to use a cable machine for this movement. Stand with your back to the machine and take the cable in your hands so that your torso is parallel to the ground with knees slightly bent. Keep the cable in your hands and stand up straight in one swift movement, squeezing the glutes then repeat.

These are some of my favourites on glutes day :) 
Remember ASS TO THE GRASS!! 

Catherine xx



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