Saturday, 19 October 2013

The New Black - Ombré Nails

The New Black is a range of different nail kits that allow you to do some D.I.Y nail art :) They have a range of different sets including ombré nails, typography sets, nail & lip kits - to name a few. You will find a range of colours from bright neon to pale pastels. To see the full stock list you can check out their website:!Home/mainPage

I purchased two kits: Ombré - 'Find Your Cherry' and a typography set - 'The Weekly Journal'. 

I really liked the idea of the Ombré nails so I tested out 'Find Your Cherry' :) In the kit you get 5 different shades, some have glitter and others are just plain colour, that graduate in colour.

My nails would not be the strongest due to work so if I get 2 days without chipped nail varnish I'm pretty happy! :P I prepped my nails by filing and buffing them and trying to get rid of any ridges. I then applied a coat of Kiss Diamond Hard Strengthener to act as a base coat. 

I applied two coats of each colour and let it dry before applying a top coat. I think I got about 4 days out of the varnishes before I noticed any chipping which was great! Doesn't happen very often with my nails :P The colours are really nice and bright. I started with the darker colour on my thumb nail and worked that way with the shades but you could always do the reverse to change up the look. 

The Ombré nail kit cost €29.95 (if you look you might be able to get a cheaper online price). That may seem like a lot but when you break it down you're getting 5 different nail varnishes for about €5.99 each. The bottles are small-ish but the colour is really good so you could probably get away with one coat of colour on each nail. Getting 5 different colours means that you can use them in different ways. Obviously the colours are picked to give the ombré effect but you can always use one colour from the kit to do all your nails or you could use one of the glitter polishes over other colours etc.  

I really like these kits! It's such a fun and easy way to get creative with your nails :) I'll definitely be trying some of the other sets from The New Black :) 

Catherine xx



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