Thursday, 10 October 2013

Professional Beauty Show, Dublin: Make-Up Haul

I headed to Dublin for the Professional Beauty Show in the RDS this week :) I love make-up so I was in heaven :D There was some great offers at the show so I had to take advantage! 

What's in the bags you say :P

The Crownbrush stand was my first stop. It was very busy!! Definitely one of the more popular stands :) I picked up some brushes, the Studio Deluxe Brush Set and the 28 Nude Palette. You can check out there website for more products - I don't think the photos on their website does their products justice, especially the palettes! They are fab in reality :)

Crownbrush :)

I picked up more palettes and brushes at the Fuschia stand :) I got a contour, blush and eyebrow palette along with an offer they had of any 5 brushes for 20. The palettes ranged between €10 - 15! Bargain! :) 
Fuschia Palettes
Fuschia Brushes

Then I got talked into getting a Helen-É goody bag which came with their famous Skin Smoother which claims to be suitable for any skin tone so it takes all the guess work out for people who find it hard to find the right shade of foundation. Can't wait to test it out! It also came with an eyeliner, lipgloss, eyeshadow pot and pink bag. For €10 I couldn't turn all that down :) 
Helen - É

I stopped at the O.P.I stand :) If you bought 5 nail varnishes you got a top or base coat free so I went and picked out 5 shades that i thought would be good for autumn/winter and got a free top coat.
O.P.I Nail Varnishes

I got some sleep-in rollers for short hair :) The set comes with a dvd, kirby grips, a canvas bag and of course the rollers! 
Sleep - In Rollers

There was also bags and other accessories at the show. I passed by a stand full of satchels so stopped for a look and walked away with a really nice brown satchel :) Love a nice satchel :D They make such nice day-time bags. The brand of this one is HT London fashion. I thought it looked more expensive than what it was. I really like the lining of the bags :)

Can't wait to try everything out :) 

Catherine xx

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