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I ordered the 18 piece pro deluxe set a few weeks ago and have been using them ever since. They are the first proper full brush set that I own! I’ve fallen a little bit in love :) Up until then I had been using some, what I would call essential, brushes from the MAC range. As we all know these brushes are pretty harsh on the purse so being able to own a complete set of MAC is not realistic for most people. Blank Canvas Cosmetics offer a great variety of brushes of a high quality for a fraction of the cost!!

The set comes with 18 different brushes for both face and eyes. Everything from powder, blush, contouring, lip, eyeliner, eyebrow and a variety of different eyeshadow brushes for defining, detailing and blending. You can’t ask for much more than that. :) The set also includes 3 HD brushes from the BCC range. When you order you can pick between a brush folio or the Pro D brush holder. I went with the Pro D brush holder (BCC kindly sent me the brush folio as a free gift). You can store all the brushes in one cup and use the other to cover them if you are on the move or you can use the two cups to organise between your eye and face brushes when at home.

The quality of the brushes is great. They are all really soft and there has been no shedding so far....touch wood :P I did give them a quick wash first before I used them as there was quite a strong odour from the brushes and cup from the manufacturing process but that is well gone now so nothing to worry about.

My favourite brush from the set would have to be the F20 face buffer brush from the HD collection. It’s so good that it has stopped me reaching for my MAC 187 when it comes to doing foundation!!! Shocking I know :P Some of the brushes have multiple uses as well so you will always find one that will fit with what you are trying to achieve.

There was a nice 40% discount on brush sets when I placed my order. Could not turn down that kind of offer!! I’m sure offers like that will come around again, especially as we get closer to Christmas :D and if not they are well worth the price on the website. My order arrived within a few days of placing it and nothing got damaged on-route. Keep an eye on their website and facebook page for more products, offers and competitions. (5% discount on your first order once you like their facebook page ;)

Catherine xx

Full Range Pro Deluxe 18 Piece Brush Set in Pro D Cup Holder/Make-up Folio



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