Sunday, 22 September 2013

Make-Up Haul :)

Quick post about what I bought yesterday, my initial reaction about the products and where you can get them from :) 

I went to Dublin yesterday to check out some of products from Make-Up Aterlier Paris. I'v been excited to see this brand first hand for some time and finally got the chance :) We got a quick 101 session on make up basics for various skin types followed by a demonstration using the products on a model. 

We got to touch and feel the products and test them on our own hands which was great because the products are only sold in one location in Dublin and you have to order online if your not going to make the journey to Dublin. The make-up artist also stated that the products are not perfumed and there are even some essential oils used in the making of some of the range so its great for people with sensitive skin or for professionals who want to avoid clients coming back with an allergic reaction! 

So here's what I bought :)
From Left-Right: Eyeshadows: T16, T24, T01, T20
Top-Bottom: Creme Blush: Ambering Rose, Salmon
HD Powder 

The eyeshadows seem very pigmented :) The blush might look scary but it applies lovely and apparently the HD powder will last ages as your only meant to use a tiny bit!! The make-up artist kept stressing this point for everyone with a heavy-hand like myself haha Can't wait to try these on myself :) If you want to order some you can do so from their website: 

I couldn't leave Dublin without a visit to Debenhams and Brown Thomas :P 

I popped into Debenhams to pick up some Benefit They're Real Mascara. I love this stuff!! It really separates out each of my lashes and makes them look fuller and longer. It happened to be on promotion at the moment, €26 for the full size mascara plus a free travel version :) Happy Days :)   

I visited the MAC counter in Brown Thomas then :) MAC have a new limited edition range out inspired by Antonio Lopez (legendary fashion illustrator). I usually wouldn't buy into these limited edition pieces because you end up spending a fortune trying to collect the whole range :P I couldn't walk by this one however. The packaging alone was just too arty for me not to take a second look. I ended up getting two blushes and a lip kit from the range :) The blushes on the top from left-right are Face/Pink, Face/Coral and the lip kit at the bottom is 3 lips/Nude. They are almost too pretty to use! :P 

My trip to Dublin didn't bankrupt me :P Had been a while since I bought some new make-up so think I deserved a treat :) 

Hope you Enjoyed :) 

Catherine xx



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