Wednesday, 18 September 2013

Weight loss tips - Little changes that can make a big difference

1. Make water your go to drink! Most of our body is made up of water  and it needs as much as possible to function properly.

2. Don’t skip meals and make sure to eat breakfast. It kick starts your metabolism for the day.

3.Drink green tea. I can't emphasise this one enough!

4. Replace milk chocolate with dark chocolate.

5. Try to cut out as many complex cards as possible i.e bread/chips etc. Replace them with brown rice where possible to get that “full” feeling or have an extra portion of veg.

6. Get yourself a good Omega-3 supplement (most people don’t get enough fish in there diet) and a good multi-vitamin.

7. Try some flaxseed mixed with your food. It’s full of Omega-3. I mix it with porridge in the morning to kick-start the day 

8. Avoid snacking on foods advertised as "fat-free". For the most part these foods are fat-free because the fat they usually use has been replaced by more sugars or other lovely chemicals. Snack on berries and nuts (especially almonds) instead.

Give these a go and see how you get on. Everything takes time though so one good day of healthy eating isn't going to transform you. It takes patience with things like this but just remember that the time will pass regardless of what you do.

Don't get me wrong, I'm no saint when it comes to always making the right choice with regards to food. Sometimes cravings just get to you but if you do have a bad day, don't beat yourself up about it and more importantly don't just quit! Give yourself a cheat day every week and have some of the foods you've been missing. This will help you to keep sane :P 

Diet is just one part of it and exercise is the other. Try to combine both :) 

Happy and Healthy Eating :D 

Catherine xx



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