Saturday, 9 November 2013

Concealer Confusion - Corrective Concealer Colours

Corrective concealer palettes are a great product. They usually come in a palette with a range of different shades that can be used to hide a number of imperfections. The problem is knowing which colours to use for what! 

You have to look to the colour wheel to find which colour neutralizes which. Which ever colour is opposite the colour of the discolouration that is the one that counteracts it. If you look at the colour wheel below you will see that green neutralizes red, blue neutralizes orange, yellow neutralizes purple etc. You get the idea :P 

In general the concealer colours you find are beige, yellow, orange, mint green, light blue, lavender, mauve and pink.

Beige: Used to conceal slight shadows and brighten the complexion.

Yellow: Used to cover any purple tones on the skin which usually appear with bruising or under the eye area. 

Orange: Used to cover any blue tones that may appear under the eyes or in the form of blur veins. 

Mint Green: Used to neutralize redness.

Light Blue: Used to neutralize orange discolouration i.e. freckles or age spots.

Lavender: Used to neutralize any yellow discolouration due to bruising or illness.

Mauve: Used to cover dark spots or veins on the face.

Pink: Used to cover grey shadows under the eyes or around the nose.

To apply concealer there are two options:
1. You can use your fingers to apply the concealer to the area. Some people like to do this as concealer can have a thick formula and the heat from your hands helps to melt it into the skin. 
2. You can use a concealer brush. These brushes are usually flat with a rounded head and small so that you can use them to easily apply the product to the particular area.

Using the right concealer on your problem areas can give a flawless finish to your overall look :) 

Concealer Confusion over I hope :) 

Catherine xx



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