Monday, 4 November 2013

Gosh Cosmetics Wonder Lips Set

Gosh Cosmetics Wonder Lips set comes with one Long Lasting Lip Marker in 002 Pink and two Light N' Shine Lip Glazes in 01 and 08. You can purchase everything from the set separately but buying the three together is amazing value!! 

The Long Lasting Lip Marker acts as a lip stain. This goes on first before applying the Light N' Shine Lip Glaze. I found the lip marker a little bit scratchy but the colour from it is really nice. It gives a flush of pink to the lips that looks pretty natural and is not as shockingly pink as you might expect. 

Over the lip stain you can then apply one of the Light N' Shine Lip Glazes. Shade 01 is packed with glitter!! Its great for a night time look. Shade 08 has less glitter but more colour. It is a hot pink shade with loads of shine. 

The novel thing about these glosses is that there is a light on the lid :D It is sooooo bright!!! When you're applying the gloss it really makes the glitter look amazing and it has it's practical uses as well if you are out at night and re-applying your lip gloss in not so well light places. Might start some conversations in the girls bathroom of the nightclub haha :P 

It's a cute novel product that would make a great stocking filler for Christmas or you may just feel like treating yourself ;)

You can purchase the set for just €12.60 at: 


If you type the name of the product into google you may be able to find a better offer near you :)

Catherine xx



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