Sunday, 3 November 2013

The Tartan Effect - Trend Alert!

Tartan is big for autumn/winter 2013! It can be a scary pattern to work into your wardrobe (no one wants to look like an extra from Braveheart :P) but there are a number of options to choose from :)

I think the easiest way to wear the pattern is to get a tartan scarf. They look great plus they help keep you nice and warm :) Who says fashion can't be functional!! 

2. Bag
Using a handbag is a fun way to work in the tartan pattern. If you are not used to wearing patterns getting a nice bag is probably the best way to get a taste of the trend.

3. Shoes
Another not so scary way to work in the trend is with your shoes. It works with both heels and flats.

4. Shirt/Jacket
Tartan shirts look great paired with a nice logo t-shirt or some statement jewellery for a dressed down look.

5. Skirt
There are two options with the skirt. You can go for a cute/preppy look n go for a skater or pleated style or you can choose the more sophisticated look and opt for a pencil skirt.

6. Trousers
The best way to wear a tartan trousers is to team it with a plain colour on top. Black or white work the best :)

7. Tights
If your a fan of pattern tights why not give tartan tights a go :)

8. Suit/Dress
If your brave enough to wear it top to toe a tartan suit or dress might be the one for you. Go full Vivienne Westwood on it :P

9. Mixing Patterns
This is another one for the brave. If your confident in what your wearing you will definitely be able to pull this one off :) One that I keep seeing is tartan and leopard print together.

10. Nails
If you don't like wearing that much pattern but still want to embrace the trend then nail art is the way to go! It's cute but not so in your face :) 

Some fashion inspiration ;)

Embrace the trends :)

Catherine xx



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