Tuesday, 26 November 2013

Fad Diet Warning!

It seems people will do anything but eat healthily and exercise regularly to stay in shape! There are some ridiculous new fad diets out there. Some are just outright dangerous! Here are two of the worst that I'v heard about so far.

1. Breatharian Diet
The most outrageous celebrity fad diet has to be the Breatharian Diet. The followers of this diet swap food and water for AIR. I actually laughed when I heard about this! Weight loss is guaranteed with this diet - obviously...but at what cost. Michelle Pfeiffer revealed she was in a cult where this diet is followed. Madonna is another celeb name allegedly associated with the diet. 

2. Alcorexia / Drunkorexia Diet
This diet involves eating very few calories during the week so that you can binge-drink alcohol at the weekend! Consuming few calories alone is very dangerous without the added bad effects of too much alcohol. It is said that many models favour this diet.  

If you want to lose weight eat better and move more! Do not try these ridiculous diets that are just going to harm your health in the long run. 

Catherine xx



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