Monday, 18 November 2013

Supplement Shopping List

Since I'v become more interested in health and fitness I'v been introduced to the importance of different supplements. They are a great way to make up for vitamins and minerals that may be lacking in your diet. They are NOT meant as a substitute for real meals though! 

Going into a health food shop can be daunting as there are so many options and so many different products to choose from! It's definitely best to have a list of what you want to get before going in.

I have four different ones that a religiously take :) These include a good multi-vitamin, omega-3, vitamin C and Lactobacillus. I'v been taking the multi-vitamin and omega-3 for a long time and have recently been advised on the other two. I'm not one to argue with people who know more about these things than I do :P

The multi-vitamin that I take is from Centrum. I usually go for Centrum Advance and more recently have started using Centrum Women. These are packed with vitamins and minerals that may be lacking and the Centrum Women comes with extra Iron and Folic Acid which is so important for women! 

Omega-3 gives us some of the essential fatty acids that are not produced by the body. It also helps to reduce inflammation so this is a great way to help your joints especially if you workout and it helps to maintain a healthy heart. Omega-3 has a number of other health benefits and seen as most of us don't eat enough fish this is an easy way to get our daily dose of omega-3. I tend to go for omega-3 from Seven Seas. 

Vitamin C is a great vitamin to take, especially this time of the year! It's well known that it helps to combat colds. It is also packed with anti-oxidants and it has been proven to help wounds to heal faster. 

Lactobacillus is a "friendly" bacteria and acts as a digestive aid. It also has a number of other health benefits to treat skin disorders and high cholesterol. It can be found in many of the pro biotic yoghurt's or it can be taken in supplement form which is what I opt for. If you are looking for it on the shelf it will be labelled Acidophilus.

When you are supplement shopping the general rule is to buy the best that you can afford. Going for cheaper brands and thinking they will do the same job is often not the case. You pay for what you get so the purity of the supplement will be better the more expensive it is so go for the best you can afford :) 

You should be able to find these in you local supermarket, pharmacy of health food shop. Holland and Barrett is great for getting a better choice of brands and you can also order from them online ;) 

This is my supplement list :) If you have any others you take and love the effects of feel free to leave a comment.

Catherine xx



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